A progressive city is one that takes into account the need of all its citizens especially the vulnerable groups - women, children, elderly and differently able. Differently able require special attention. Most urban plans have always turned a blind eye towards these individuals with special needs. They are considered as a negligible population and their needs are often overlooked. It is a matter of great pride that Bhubaneswar is competing to be in the coveted top 20 list of the Smart Cities Challenge. But has the city been able to capture the needs of the differently able while designing its plan? Has it ever been a city suitable for the people with special needs? Has it taken any extra measures to provide a safe place for the differently able or has it, like any other, disregarded the need of its differently able population?

It is these questions and many more that has led to the creation of this forum where citizens can give their opinions and engage in discussions which can further help in making the city a smarter place for all.

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Choudhury Ashutosh Jena

Big essue for disability

Sourav Das

lets set an example for all people across globe . The way we treat , respect and have the power of foresightedness . We can not grow without you . lets provide them all necessary facilities . Job for them , special care unit for them and watever it takes to uplift them . we need to think act asap on this . they got the zeal of proving themselves and this brings prosperity to our state ....wat more can we expect from them and what more we want from them .


please provide battery auto for disabled persons,patients, and old age persons at the BBSR railway station free of cost. There are few battery autos at the bbsr railway station but not in working condition for 24X7. The battery autos are funded by some banks and they only move in platform number 1. Any patient who has reached platform 3 or 4, how they can easily come to platform1 or vice versa? Sometimes battery auto even ask money. So please look into this matter. Some times i have inquired some fractured leg patients who even cant sit on wheel chairs, please think over this issue. Make BBSR a city worth living for all..

Manoj Panda

should have special corridor for the disable person with special smart volunteers. Must be special facility like separate ATM for Disable person so as to enter with their wheel chair, of course special ATM for the blind person even. Let make smile on these people so that Smart City can be real Helpful City. Thanks. Manoj Panda, Lingipur,Sisupalgarh, Bhubaneswar-02 Mob: 9439990025

Rabindra Senapati

our city planners are probably with old ideas,so they have neglected many areas including access for differently abled people to various public places.Differenly abled people should be part of planning also to make it more practical in functionality.