United Nations Population Fund report found the number of people over 60 years in India will increase from around 100 million today (approx.) to more than 324 million by 2050. It also predicted the number of people over 80 years will increase sevenfold. With the population of Bhubaneswar expanding rapidly and the number of elderly increasing, the matter of fact remains that, is Bhubaneswar well equipped to deal with the strain that it will put on the health and welfare services? Apart from that, does it have enough provisions to deal with the safety and security of this particular population?

Join us for a discussion on this topic and providing us with your views on how make our city liveable for all.

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Govinda Chandra Das

I observed that posting of about a year back are not replied/responded by you. Mine would be first in 2017. Will you make this forum active being serious?

Asitkumar Mallik

We need to focus on Traffic Rules to create a smart city Make the city safe for old people - Catch the people who drives on footpath - Honk to the walkers on footpath and make accident Make the city safe for everyone/old people - Catch the drink and drive cases , catch who breaks red signals , catch who drinks inside car on the roads Taking fine for seat belt or helmet or for any paper (Just standing in a corner of a road) does not solve the purpose Catch who causes problem to others in road and who causes accident in road – Check how traffic rules are defined in any metro cities like HYD or in Foreign Cities First mention the traffic rules with fine amount in all public places - Just writing obey traffic rule does not make any sense because many people do not know what is traffic rule as at the time of DL no one even ask them any question on traffic rules – Lets make a smart Road by obeying the rules

Ashutosh Pradhan

If we will see the statics of growing phase of elderly people we require to think about their needs in that phase so i think assistive technology and physiotherapeutic rehabilitation is the best option to think about , And also WHO advised the policy makers and professionals to make the standardized rehabilitation protocol for elderly, so our smart citizens of bhubaneswar need to think about it and make a space for the rehabilitations of disability and elderly population

Manoj Panda

Should have special corridor for the disable person with special smart volunteers. Must be special facility like separate ATM for Disable person so as to enter with their wheel chair, of course special ATM for the blind person even. Let make smile on these people so that Smart City can be real Helpful City. Thanks. Manoj Panda, Lingipur,Sisupalgarh, Bhubaneswar-02 Mob: 9439990025

Bijoy Sinha

Bhubaneswar Smart City is a joke. I have been running from pillar to post, trying to get a someone respond to debris removal that is laying on MIDDLE of the road since the last 10 days. The Municipality says it is the BDA responsibility. Not been able to get through to any of the BDA authorities. Cars cannot go on the road without scraping the bottom. The contractor has vanished after laying replacement sewer pipes and I had to fill the trench myself in order to get my car out of my garage. The location is the road behind the Taxila English Medium School in N5 area of IRC Village. Cant submit the images that were taken today at 10 am. Can any one direct me to the authority who can get the road cleared.