A Smart city should be one in which the women feel safe. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. For Bhubaneswar to emerge as a Smart city, it should focus on improving the facilities and services for women. A total of 3, 92,504 women live in the city. With the increasing rates of crime against women and discrimination at every stratum of life, how has Bhubaneswar fared as a city in empowering women? Is our city a safe place for the women? Does it provide equal ground for women as men to realise their potential?

This platform has been created to enable the citizens reflect at and discuss the issues related to women in the city to carve a safer place for women.

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Abha Mishra

As a smart city one of the prerequsite is safe and affodable transportation- while ola and uber made life easy their surchage during peak hours negate their impact while ordinary autos charge very high and their rudeness increases during the peak time. the buses are very few and not condusive for internal travel in the city Why is there no metering system for the autos in the smart city BBSR which is more than 27,000 with more joining during the day time from neighbouring areas

trupti mayee nayak nayak

Odisha government has taken several measures to provide a safe and secure environment for women. The government introduced ICLICK (Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk), started self defense course, Pink Auto service and city Bus service for women in Bhubaneswar, but all in vain. If we look at the crime graph in the city for the last few years, it seems like all the initiatives taken by the government have been largely unsuccessful and the city is becoming a safe haven for rapists. Thirty-five rape cases including cases of assault on two minors were lodged in different police stations in 2011. The number of rape cases increased to 56 in 1012. Somehow in 2013 police managed to control the heinous crime and 51 rape cases, including 27 cases against minors were reported. However, rape cases in 2014 again rose significantly and 72 cases were reported in which 43 were against minors. plzzz safe the girl and save india

Kunal Patra

Hlooo sir........ I am a +3 student in from Odisha . Sir apana kanhiki kichhi karunahanti Jou mane rape au jhia mananku kidnap karuchanti semananku high punishment daba Katha jemiti ki au jie epari kariba se aga bhabiba odisha re sabu ade CCTV lageile au GPS sabuade kale au sabu ade small small police station rakhiba katha jou thire ki maximum 3 jana police rahuthibe au specially bada bada city re jepariki Bhubaneswar,cuttack,samblpur re every 2-3 km re gote gote Choota police station Rakhiba Katha eitki kale ama odisha re jhia mane free re buli paribe plsssssssss sir jaldi karantu

Bagulia Pilla

First security 2nd...transportation 3rd..law shd b 4rt...respect to others.. Whether it is a small or big..we shd give respect to everybody irrespective of age or position or status.... This is what i saw in singapore...gujrat and so on...

Prabhat Chandra Pradhan

For the safety of women or girls at Bhubaneswar a toll free common phone no should be available to call and redressal of any complains relating to problem faced . The cause of all unsocial activities is due to alcohol.As a first place alcohol drinking should be banned in public place and hotels.