Bhubaneswar today is a model of livability evident by the city’s stable growth rate in the recent decades. It is one of the few cities that has been able to successfully capitalize upon its assets- be it the tangible and intangible heritage (natural, built and people) or its strategic location- into economic drivers that have shaped the city’s growth in the recent decades.

Continuing its strong foundation in implementing contemporary urban planning principles (dating back to 1948 Königsberger Plan), Bhubaneswar is one of the few cities in the country to have adopted and implemented a multi-dimensional planning approach towards building smarter communities. The intent is to ensure that the concepts of sustainable planning and smarter cities trickle down to the level of each project and does not remain merely a policy intervention at the city scale.

The baseline information presented below is a quick assessment of the readiness and performance of BMC and its ability to achieve the smart city sub-goals.

Baseline assessment

Over the years, Bhubaneswar has successfully implemented and planned pioneering work in various fields to deliver a better quality of life to the residents of Bhubaneswar. Moving forward, the following Key Performance Indicators will be assessed to identify “as-is” scenario. The progress on same will be measured over the time period to constantly monitor the city’s progress in its march towards achieving the “to-be” scenario.

Key Performance Indicators of Bhubaneswar

BMC is currently undertaking an extensive mapping exercise to better illustrate the city’s existing features including natural features, heritage areas, transportation networks, open space network, and other infrastructure related components. This mapping exercise will ultimately help citizens get to know their city better and understand geographically the nature and type of investments made by the city.

Mapping Atlas of Bhubaneswar

The Bhubaneswar Self-Assessment Tool will be prepared to assist BMC in setting the priorities for the city’s future investment in implementing Smart City features. It will be a continuous process that will help BMC to set baselines, identify gaps and to measure advancements over time.

City’s Self-Assessment Tool
City Profile 2015 - As is