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Idea Box is a dynamic platform for citizens to plant the seeds for creative yet realistic ideas or smart solutions that are implementable in Bhubaneswar. Every week, three best ideas will be selected by a jury and awarded. It is your chance to generate positive ideas for a better and smarter Bhubaneswar.

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Idea of the Week

Round 1 Winner : Suresh Chandra Baral

Cities are facing the challenges of combining competitiveness and sustainable urban development simultaneously. Very evidently, this challenge is likely to have an impact on issues of Urban Quality such as housing, economy, culture, social and environmental conditions. It is in this context I am suggesting that Cities should be sustainable.

I suggest the following :

In terms of dependence it should be relatively autonomous in terms of fulfilling its energy requirements. Hence the government should make available solar panels and subsidize them. The government should have a target for establishing a solar panel in each and every household. The geographic location of the state is very functional and positive for the solar panels.

  • In terms of connectivity there is physical infrastructure. But interestingly there is also a virtual infrastructure that the government need to build. Hence I propose establishment of free wifi hotspot places at multiple locations in Bhubaneshwar.
  • The Transportation system needs to be more sustainable. The permission for running the public transport system should be given to those drivers who use CNG system in their vehicles. (e.g Delhi).
  • Physical infrastructure like establishment of trams etc should be thought of to develop the public transport system.
  • Cycles should be encouraged in particular roads to lower down the pollution level.
  • An online Portal should be there which need to have the details of all jobs available in Bhubaneswar city.
  • There should be investment to develop infrastructure regarding gas supply. There should be pipelines and gas connection should be over the pipe lines not cylinders.
  • Tax breaks should be given to people who use sustainable materials for house construction.
  • A mandatory Percentage of the city should be allotted for developing and planting trees. Rooms should be built in various parks to act like club house.
  • Plants for wastewater treatment should be established.
  • Online tracking of government files should be done. It will help to make the government system more efficient and corruption free.

Round 2 Winner : Rutu Prasad Sagariya

"It’s my pleasure to be a part of this plan and place my suggestions for making the beautiful city a smart one. I prepared this with a lot of time constrains. But tried to bring all the points that I found is useful and important for the citizens and the planners to look in to. Given the chance, I can give the detailed plan even voluntarily because I want the city to be developed and to be seen by the other people. I have been to some of the beautiful cities of the world and always tried to relate it with Bhubaneswar which is beautiful enough to be developed in that way. I want the city to be attractive and make people as their destination from all around the world and all around the country.

Smart Transport Solutions

I studied in Brisbane, Australia. The city is small as compared to the other big cities of the country but still it is considered as one of the best destination for stay in the country.

They have a very systematic public transportation system (both train and bus). Which is also possible in Indian condition also. A small bus stops with location ID may be at a distance of 1 km. The bus runs in GPS enabled in the bus and in the centralised server. The bus stops and doors gets opened only in the bus stops which is in the control of the driver. For Indian condition, it can be modified. This will help in reducing the road accidents and unplanned traffic jams that is happening during the rush hours. Small bus stops can be built on the road side, on the pathways, which I suppose is the government property. And it is necessary to make it a compulsory rule to make the bus stop for the people get in to and get down at those stops instead of stopping here and there, which can also reduce the injuries the passengers get. Similarly the existing autos are also to be stopped on the stops only. By doing this an apps also can be developed, which can track the bus timings and other details for the passengers. Zebra crossing has to be there for crossing the roads, which I hardly found in the city even in the central part of the city. I sometimes feel so scared in crossing the road. I have seen the signals, that the vehicles standing well ahead of the zebra crossing, where ever it is there. There is no space left for the pedestrians. Over taking and rash driving has to be banned. There has to be maximum limit to the speed of the vehicle. Of course with the huge population of India it looks impossible but some where it has to start.

Smart Waste Management

For waste disposal, the number of dustbins in the city has to increase, I hardly see any dustbins in the city which is functional. We have to be smart enough in designing the dustbins and the placing it strategically for maximum disposal. Separate dustbins for the degradable and the non-degradable items can be done. The dustbins can be mounted and sealed so that the thieves don’t steal them. After collection also there can be segregation process for the items like kitchen items, glasses, metals, cans, plastics etc. There can a recycling process which can also generate lots of livelihood.

Citizen Engagement Initiatives

This initiative we can start from the level of each household. That is from the disposal of garbage. The citizen, starting from the kids at the level of school has to be empowered how to dispose used items.

Use of plastics to be reduced form the shops and from the shopping malls, the citizens are to be empowered to carry bags from home or reuse the plastic bags. Elderly, pregnant lady are to be given preferences on the road and on the public places in accessing the transport. Pedestrians has to take the pathways, not the roads.

Water is one of the major resource that the people of the city use. Encouragement and empowering has to be done for the people to use it prudently to reduce the wastage.

Round 3 Winner : Tanmay Mishra

"SMART Bhubaneswar – Urban Mobility – Integrated Multi-Modal Trans

In last decade, Bhubaneswar has transformed itself from capital city to hub for education, health care, IT which has invited folks from different parts of Odisha & other states to make it as their home.Today, we are facing the universal problem of increased personal vehicles and hence we are forced to think of reducing personal vehicles and emphasize on effective & efficient public transport.

In last decade, Bhubaneswar has transformed itself from capital city to hub for education, health care, IT which has invited folks from different parts of Odisha & other states to make it as their home. It has in turn gives rise to increase in vehicles on the road. Today, we are facing the universal problem of increased personal vehicles and hence we are forced to think of reducing personal vehicles and emphasize on effective & efficient public transport.

In the published guideline of smart city, ‘Integrated Multi-Modal Transport’ is one of the idea is floated under urban mobility category. With my understanding of the traffic situation arising out of use of personal vehicles, autos & inadequate bus service at Bhubaneswar, I would like expand this idea for our city which I am sure will be one of the foundation stones in the journey of smart city.

    My idea is based on management of city bus service and increased coverage of it. Couple of salient points about it There should be 30 seater buses only
  • Buses will run on the lane adjacent to lane to the footpath which we will call as ‘Bus Corridor’
  • Buses will run to a point and return back. e.g. - (say) Buses will run from Nandankan to Gopabandhu Chowk near OUAT (bus track 1), Khandagiri to Palasuni (bus track 2)
  • These two bus tracks intersect at Jayadev Vihar Chowk. So one coming from Khandari and wishes to go to Rajbhavan has to change buses. But if you have buses running in every 5 mins, no one will see it as bottleneck to their journey.
  • So we should have sufficient number of buses (say 20 each for bus track) to have the facility in every 5 mins.
  • Yes, there has to be some alteration of road designs at some points (say) Jaydev Vihar Chowk.

But if this idea is implemented, we can reduce at least 50% of office-going traffic using their two wheelers or depend on autos which often slow-moving transport and stop even on middle of the road. there will not be any direct bus long distance which is bottleneck in many cities (say Patia to Master Canteen). Many times these buses run empty. Generally, this mode of transport is preferred by people moving with luggage which are not our target segment ‘Office-Going persons using personal vehicles’.

We can very well implement this by just modifying the route details of our existing fleet today. I believe we have sufficient number of buses to start as pilot. Today unfortunately in all cities of India, we are having long distance running buses, not any connected route type of transport system and hence the delays in getting public transport and everyone is preferring their own vehicles. On selection of the idea, I will elaborate it with more detailed implementation plan, technical specifications from the drone manufactures."

Round 4 Winner : Satyanarayan Dash


Every citizen wants a good quality cheap and fast transportation system nowadays in cities due to their busy life. That’s why mostly people buy their own vehicle to reach as fast as they can reach to their destinations but nowadays everybody has their own private transport solution that also affects somehow our earth and environment by producing air and noise pollution in our surrounding daily. Here, I want to attract everybody’s attention towards this point that we can choose some other options to make our city’s transportation cheap ,faster and pollution less. In that context I am suggesting some ideas -

  • · First we should promote our public transportation that is through buses ,metro rail. Government should make a wide area transportation system using city bus and metro rails for everyone who live far or nearby to the city. ·
  • Government should make a rule for citizens to use public transport at least 3/4 days a week and public transportation should be maintained clean, cheap and faster. A In charge is kept to govern that this rule is followed strictly or not by everyone. This will make less pollution which occurred due to private vehicles. ·
  • The one best idea I want to suggest that I was inspired by one of the famous Vélib' public bicycle system in Paris, France. This is a bicycle sharing system for the public in city. This Vélib' bikes are equipped with a locking system, a front bicycle basket and always-on LED lighting powered by ·
  • A front-hub dynamo. Each Vélib’ station is equipped with an automatic rental terminal, a map of other nearby stations and stands for dozens of bicycles. The rental terminals also display information about neighbouring Vélib’ stations, including location, number of available bicycles and open stands. If a user arrives with a rented bicycle at a station without open spots, the terminal grants another fifteen minutes of free rental time. A fleet of 23 bicycle-transporting vehicles are used daily to redistribute bicycles between empty and full stations. Where you have to pay a nominal charge for minutes /hours. You can get long term subscription for daily use. You can pick bicycle from any station and can leave it to any other station. It has automatic lock too. This bicycle model is cheap ,very useful for nearby convince in the city. ·
  • So, Inspire from this system we can make a cheap transportation system or a new bicycle model for the citizens which will be easy to use,cheap, very healthy for every single person in city too because it is not emitting any type of pollution. As we know cycling is a very good exercise to keep us fit.

Round 5 Winner : No Winner

Round 6 Winner : Prithviraj Tarai

Suggestions n ideas for Smart n Sustainable City Bhubaneswar are:-
  1. Every city generates a million of e-Waste like discarded TV,Computer,Smartphone,battery etc. Contains several hazardous material threat to human health n environment. Processing Plant should be established, so they can be reused,refurbished or recycled in a ecofriendly way without harming our ecosystem.
  2. Bio- mobile eco friendly toilets should be placed at important junctions like bus stops,parks n markets etc ,so people can use it by paying a nominal charge.A step towards Swatch bharat n making your city clean.
  3. Mobile telecom tower power by Diesel Generators should be replaced by Solar Power Panels as it a clean energy.Also, location of the towers should be far from Hospital,Schools etc as they produce radiation harmful to human health.
  4. Power Transmission n distribution plays a important role in Smooth operation of the city.Power supply cables should be done underground to avoid risk of accidents,takes less space n reduce others costs like in installation of Poles etc. making city , look spacious n Wire free.
  5. Smart City can also improve the life of nearby villages n cities by developing a City Hatt in which nearby people can sell their Organic vegetables ,Processed products ,handicrafts items etc making city people to connect to their roots n nature n can contribute in their development.
  6. Smart dustbin with Separate compartment for Degradable, Recyclable n Totally Waste items should be placed, so people can dump the waste according to their category.Prevent times n cost in Sorting process for further process.
  7. Organization n Institutions should give extra green credits n wages to employees using cycles n green bikes for their contribution in reducing their Carbon footprints.
  8. School n Colleges should provide e-education facility to students like e-attendance, e-homework,e-Syllabus to make paper free n bagless education by providing laptops n tablets etc n making education Smart.
  9. School Should add Green Practices as a subject.Students practicing green habits like planting trees, using Bicycle etc should given extra marks for this for their contribution in making Green City. 10.SmartCity should have Smart technology of generating power. People should encourage to use Smart Ladders than lift or Acceleratiors with Piezoelectric technology ,wen people walk on it generates electricity. on."


The idea should not have more than 500 words. The ideas that have the power to ignite a spark for change and touch the lives of as many Bhubaneswar residents as possible will be selected.

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