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Let us come together and create a Smart City Vision to make Bhubaneswar a sustainable, inclusive and livable place. A vision shapes and calls for a preferred future for the city. It has economic, spatial, social and environmental dimensions that reflect a city´s unique physical and cultural character and it provides direction for the activities of the municipality, citizens and other stakeholders.

First Prize

Anupam Priya

The city of Bhubaneswar will strive to ensure a clean, safe, sustainable and a green environment where all communities can live in harmony yet preserve their distinct identities - to serve as a melting pot of culture and ethnicity. A city that is proud of its unique wildlife, long-cherished heritage and cutting-edge technology and where all three can find a seamless integration , where its citizens are ensured of a high quality of life by having access to basic and advanced education, aesthetic public infrastructure,world-class healthcare, employment opportunities and a stimulating environment for the pursuit of all forms of science, art and literature.


Debasish Mishra

Lets rebuild Bhubaneswar as a paradise where its citizens are in judicious and harmonious co-habitat with environment, cultural heritage, cleanliness, safety and integral development. A city which provides every individual a shelter, hygienic food, multiple commutation facilities, employment opportunities, advanced infrastructure, hi - tech roads, sufficient scope of sports and entertainments, diversified educational facilities, world class medical facility, multiple tourism platforms and all these are reconciled in a society which is free from crime and corruption.

What others have shared


The Vision Statement should not have more than 50 words and should capture the wider hopes and aspirations of the citizens of Bhubaneswar. It should be inclusive, forward thinking and timeless.

The vision statement should be :

  • Understood and shared by members of the community.
  • Broad enough to include a diverse variety of local perspectives.
  • Inspiring and uplifting for everyone involved in your effort.
  • Timeless and not dependent on leaders.
  • Easy to communicate.

Key Dates

  • Launch Date of Contest : 26th September 2015
  • Last Date to Submit Entries : 5th October 2015
  • Announcement of Winners : 8th October 2015

The Vision statement Contest for the Bhubaneswar Smart City Campaign on 6th October, 2015, 47 vision statements were shortlisted for the final jury round. On October 8th, the jury panel scored each of the 47 shortlisted vision statements and unanimously declared the wining entry and the runner-up entry.

Jury Members

  • Ms. Dharitri Pattnaik India Representative to Bernard Van Lee Foundation
  • Mr. Bibhubati Barik Special Correspondent �The Telegraph�
  • Lt. Commander Biswajit Nayak Regional Manager-Facilities-Infosys
  • Mr. S.S Ray: Director School of architecture Planning-KIIT University
1st Prize
Rs 11,000
Rs 5,100

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