Signage Contest – Heritage District Closed

Signs are different types of visual graphics created to display information to the public on streets and buildings. A group of signs, termed signage, can be expressed in the form of advertisement (billboards/ hoardings), street name signs, directional (wayfinding) signs, or identification/ place-marker signs. The design for Bhubaneswar Heritage District’s signage should reflect a commitment to design excellence and the area’s rich heritage tradition.

BMC invites you to participate in a design contest juried by experts in transportation, graphic design and architecture, to develop an attractive and unique signage design for the Heritage District of Bhubaneswar. This is your opportunity to re-imagine how we communicate the identity of our city and historic areas to residents and visitors.

First Prize
Alisa Sahu

Sarthak Mohanty


  • Your signage design should connect to and enhance the unique cultural identity of Bhubaneswar Heritage District
  • Your signage design should be bi-lingual (Odia and English)
  • Your signage design should include space for the Bhubaneswar Smart City Logo
  • Your signage design should be visually attractive but not imposing
  • Your way-finding signage design should be universally legible and easily understandable
  • Submit one uniform concept for way-finding and advertisement signage
  • The file should be of High Resolution (over 300dpi) and in pdf/JPEG format.

Key Dates

  • Launch Date of Contest : 17th October 2015
  • Last Date to Submit Entries : 5th November 2015
1st Prize
Rs 11,000
Rs 5,100
3 Consolation prizes
Rs 1,100 each

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